R-22 Phaseout Plan

At the start of 2015, 13 Seer R-22 Freon A/C and Heat Pump outdoor units are going to be phased out. When they are gone, all equipment will be 14 Seer 410A Freon.

Canister of R-22 Freon

We want to ensure our customers understand what this means to them, so they will not be at a loss when the new changes come. This phaseout plan will mandate what equipment you have to buy if your system needs replacing or if parts are needed.

After the phaseout, you cannot simply replace the outdoor unit, but will have to replace the outside A/C unit and indoor Coil or the Heat Pump and Air Handler.

In addition to this phaseout, the equipment costs are going up approximately 15% in January 2015.

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