Get More Than You Expect

With American Standard heating and cooling equipment, you can expect a lot more!

Take a look at just a few of the added bonuses you receive when you choose the best air conditioners and heating systems on the market.

More Comfort – It’s spring time every day with year-round air conditioning. You automatically enjoy the exact temperature you prefer – round the clock and round the calendar.

More Quiet – Doors and windows can stay closed now. Outside noise – traffic, children at play – is minimized. You enjoy more privacy; more safety from intruders.

Fresher Air – You don’t have to depend on outside breezes or cross ventilation for relief from summer heat. Cool, clean air is always there – always just right.

Less Housework – Closed doors and windows keep out dust, dirt and insects. There’s less dusting to do. Furniture and drapes stay clean longer. Decoration lasts.

Better Sleep – Restless hot-weather sleep is a thing of the past. Now you will sleep cool and relaxed – wake refreshed from a full night’s rest – at your best every day.

Better Health – Hot discomfort will no longer drain your energy and strain you heart. Better rest, better appetite, better disposition – a blessing at any age.

Relief From Allergies – In a closed home with only clean, conditioned air in circulation air-borne pollen and dust irritants from outdoors are reduced to a minimum – much to the relief of those with allergy problems.

And More – because year round air conditioning transforms every family with its benefits. With year round comfort, truly there is no place like home!

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